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Married 2 Mental Illness

My Life & Journey With Mental Illness 

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Hello! I’m Michael

Mental Illness Controls Me

About nine years ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder type 2 with psychotic disorder, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, ptsd, ocd and suicidal depression. As a child growing up, I was also told I had ADHA and Dyslexia. Even though I was diagnosed with Bipolar nine years ago the doctor had told me I had it my whole life and it explained a lot of things once I started learning about the illness. My life has never been the same since. My emotions are always up and down. I cannot have a single thought last in my head for more than thirty seconds. I lose focus on things very quickly and can never remember things. Later when I was diagnosed with the other things I also found out that having bipolar will at some point cause a person to have dementia which scares the living hell out of me cause I feel most times I already have it. However, to fully understand my story and life I would need to take you back to my childhood. If you do continue to read my website you will learn a lot more about me.